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Wheel of the Year ~ Seasonal Spiritual Scents

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Our beloved Gaia, Mother Nature, the Earth~ She changes frequently in many parts of the globe.
The 4 seasons and the cross quarter days have been honored and celebrated for hundreds of years if not longer by our ancestors who understood the Spiritual connection between humans and Nature. Our ancestors saw the changes as the Earth rotated and gently journeyed around the Sun, leaving them in awe and reverence. In many parts of the world daily life, careers and general lively hood depended on the natural cycle of the seasons. Today many cultures still observe and honor the Turning of the Tides, the shift of the seasons known by many different names depending on the beliefs and traditions. We celebrate the seasonal changes with this sampler set of seasonal oils~ 8 oils for the Wheel of the Year as it is called in the Nature Spiritual traditions. 
Madame Áine has designed each scent with the season in mind, the natural smells of the Earth as she changes her attire from Spring to Winter and back again. We celebrate and revere the energies of life~ Birth, Life and Death • Birth • Growth • Decay • Death as we pass through the Wheel of the Year ~
Each scent reflects the season and blends into the next scent beautifully. You can wear them individually or together to compliment each other through the turn of the season.
All sigils were designed and are trademarked by Madame Áine and cannot be used without expressed permission. 
There are 8 ( 2 dram ) vials of oil in a black velveteen pouch with description card. Larger 1/3 oz roll on bottles are available, please summon us to purchase. 
Wheel of the Year plaque not included.