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Awen Wise Arts

Designer at House of Awen and Artisan of Awen Wise Arts ~ Madame Áine Ouellette ~ From the Hags Studio at Ravenwyck ~

However...In the woods in rural Columbus, Michigan stands a small cottage crafted into the Awen studio where Áine designs and crafts her products. Originally it was a place where visitors to Ravenwyck could stay and enjoy the Sanctuary away from the hustle and chaos of the city. Now it is the home of WV Studios after Madame Áine~ Designer, Artist, Creator and Awen Enthusiast, needed a larger area for her burgeoning business production studio. She designs, crafts and manifests her line of products in this little Cottage amongst the woods and Nature's Elements. Hence the name... ' Cottage *Hag '.

As a child Madame could be found crafting away on some embroidery, ceramics, and dabbling in interior decor with her Grams, singing poetry to the woodland creatures and helping out in the enchanted gardens with content in her heart and soul.

Her creative abilities lead her to begin creating hand crafted candles with her Mum Paula way back in 1998 and she's been designing, crafting and pouring them ever since. In 2004 she branched out creating more products allowing her to start selling spiritual items to a few shops in Salem, Ma during the town's busy Fall Season. That opportunity and experience lead her to start her own online sales of jewelry, candles, leather journals and more in 2013. She was then asked to start selling wholesale to a couple of shops in the states gaining favor from those stockists customers who were enchanted with her unique products and the vibe they emit. Madame also had a local brick and mortar shop for 5 years until she transitioned over to wholesale sales exclusively when covid arrived.

Madame is also a Spiritual mentor and **Awen Enthusiast ( a person who dedicates their life to inspiring others and to help awaken Awen in others ). She has created and crafted one of a kind products for her clients that support the clients businesses and individuals needs in the most spiritual and holistically balanced manner. Not only does she work with Awen ( Flowing Spirit ) as a source from Nature but with Awen ( Instinctive Knowledge ) from her own Intuitive gifts.

She offers Awen Consultancy for the clients special orders and also for in home/business Interior design and decorating to create a Spiritual environment to enhance the Awen experience.

She recently graduated with exemplary marks from the New York Institute of Art and Design this past October allowing her to officially branch out her business into Interior Design and Decoration.

If you've ever been in one of her shops or one she's helped decorate, worn a piece of her jewelry, burned one of her candles, worn a personalized fragrance or just held a beloved creation of hers in your hands... they are truly Magical and full of such peaceful vibrations. She truly manifests Awen into your life! /|\

* Madame uses the word Hag as a celebratory title. Hags are old wise women who have grown in years and in their experience and knowledge of life. A hag should be celebrated as a muse, sage or Elder that has tread her path through life deeply seen mirrored in the lines that are etched in her weathered skin. A Hag is like a butterfly, having been born from the egg stage as a child... protected yet learning how to navigate as a new being, then into the ever wandering caterpillar of adolescence and adulthood using our lessons from childhood to experience ourselves as individuals.... then taking time to cocoon into the menopause pupa resting and onto emerge into the beautiful vibrant winged Crone. She has been transformed into something greater than she could have imagined. The Hag ~

** Awen ~ is a Welsh, Cornish and Breton word for "Inspiration" (typically poetic/artistic inspiration). In Welsh mythology, Awen is the inspiration of the poets, or bards; or, in its personification, Awen is the inspirational muse of creative artists and is often seen as "flowing energy," or "a force that flows with the essence of life. (Druidry) It is also recorded in it's current form in Canu Llywark Hen (possibly 9th or 10th century) where Llywarch says 'I know by my Awen' indicating it as a source of Instinctive Knowledge or Intuition.