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Mandrake Root Specimen ~ Mandragora Root

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Genuine Mandrake Officinarum root in a wet solution. Home grown from seeds at Ravenwyck Gardens. These were a few years old and loved deeply and cultivated with spirit and magic. Unfortunately we lost power during a winter freeze/storm with -20 below 0 temps and we had roots freeze. We did our best to trim and repair but indications were there that the root was failing. These wee sprouts are very hard to cultivate and grow in general... least the extreme temps get to them. We decided to harvest and dry some and also do some specimens before the root dried and deteriorated further. These specimens can have a shelf life of approx. 10 years if stored out of direct sunlight and extreme temps. These are meant to be companions. Their plant spirits were honored and given this vessel as a new resting place. They were a part of our family and we wish they be honored into yours respectfully. 

Roots are priced to reflect current rates, the time and effort along with supplies we shared in their growth here. Monies made from the sales will go to our Kitty Care funds for the rescue kitties we have here at the Sanctuary. 

As a spiritual and holistic herbalist I looked for years to find these roots and only found American Mandrake sold as True Mandrake... these are 100 percent genuine Mandrake Officinarum roots. The vials contain other complementary stones and herbs which will be listed below. They are sealed for protection and preservation. Please connect me for any queries. 

Root 1 is approx. " long in a 3" bottle which contains~ 1 Mandrake Root, Rowan Tree berry, 

Some movement and shifting of items in vials may happen during the shipping travels. 

Thank you, with Awen and blessings I bid you good day! 

Madame Áine Ouellette /|\