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/|\ AWEN /|\

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Artisan blended fragrance oil ~ these are designed to be worn as a personal anointing fragrance. Blended with cosmetic grade fragrance oils and or essential oils.
Awen ~ is a Welsh, Cornish and Breton word for "Inspiration" (typically poetic/artistic inspiration). In Welsh mythology, Awen is the inspiration of the poets, or bards; or, in it's personification, Awen is the inspirational muse of creative artists and is often seen as "flowing energy," or "a force that flows with the essence of life. (Druidry) It is also recorded in it's current form in Canu Llywark Hen (possibly 9th or 10th century) where Llywarch says 'I know by my Awen' indicating it as a source of Instinctive Knowledge or Intuition.
/|\ AWEN fragrance is designed by Madame Áine blended with 9 different oils such as earth root, oakmoss, cedarwood, light florals and embellished with OakMoss & Oakbark herbs. A deep woodsy, bog like scent with light floral rain like features that evokes the senses deep into the old world forests. 🖤 #AWEN SACRED SCENT ritual fragrance~ this blend consists of 9 different essential oils/fragrances from deep OakMoss, earth root on through to light hint of dewy blossoming petals~ imagine you are wandering deep into the bog of your ancestors, further into the Oaken woods...the black moist earth under your feet....the smell of the damp misty air all around you, new life being invoked from the darkness~ AWEN~ Creation, Flowing Spirit all around you. /|\⊙/|\⊙/|\⊙/|\ This blend was crafted after a request from a fellow OBOD member. A blend for the mundane and for the Spiritual. It was developed between the Summer and Winter Solstice and awaits your company~
Each bottle is 12 ml just under a 1/2 oz of oil~ 
Designed, handblended and bottled by Madame Àine🌙