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1930s Peruzzi Cimaruta Pendant~ Rare Find!

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Newly added in time for the holidays! The cimaruta is a very old Italian portafortuna also known as a good luck charm rooted in the lore of the ancient Pagan religions of Italy. It can be worn around the neck or hung above an infant's bed to ward off any evil. Also brings good luck and fortune to the wearer. 

This is an antique rare 1930s Italian Silver Peruzzi Cimaruta pendant. In very good condition with some natural patina which happens to all silver when not worn or polished. It is a very sizable piece as shown in the photos at around 3" in size. It is not heavy but it's impressive and durable. A unique find for those of spiritual and antiquated tastes. Comes with a stainless necklace in a gift pouch. 

This is a stunningly large piece that features the Rue branch with it's attributed protective symbols; a key, a cat, a knight, a blossom, a snake, an angel, an eagle, a flaming heart, a hand with dagger, a fish and crescent moon.

Italian folk amulet or talisman, traditionally worn around the neck or hung above an infant's bed to ward off the evil eye (mal'occhio). mainly made of silver, the amulet itself consists of several small apotropaic charms (some from Christian symbolism), with each individual piece attached to what is supposed to represent a branch of rue—the flowering medicinal herb for which the whole talisman is named, "cimaruta" being a Neapolitan form of cima di ruta: Italian for "sprig of rue".

This piece measures just shy of 3" wide x 3" and is a solid crafting. 

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